How to keep your house clean and organized?

All of us love our homes to be clean and organized, but most of us don’t remember where we keep our things most of the time. We try to be organized, but it always confuses us. Being organized needs discipline and the mind set to keep things clean around you.

Some of us keep our houses clean but we hardly maintain it that way, it only takes a few days for it to become messy again. We don’t replace anything after we use it, everything we use is lying around all over.

home clean

The following are few tips you can use to keep your home clean:

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Clean your floor regularly.
  3. Laundry.
  4. Clean your dishes.
  5. Replacement.

Make your bed:

Make it a habit of making your bed every day after you get up in the morning. We always get lazy and wonder why we need to set our bed when we are going back to sleep later that night in the same place, but this habit makes us disciplined and organized. It also gives your bedroom a clean and neat room.

Make sure to change your sheets and pillow covers once in a while and keep your bed clean. There is no greater joy than to come home after a hard day’s work and sinking into a clean bed.

Clean your floors and carpets regularly:

The floor of our homes can be filthy as we walk on it and various other factors like dust and dirt gets tracked on it. It is mandatory to keep your floor clean as it might contain harmful germs which can make you sick. Once in a week, you can sweep the floor, and you can mop the floor once in 2 to 3 weeks. If your house has carpet on the floor, then you can use a steam vacuum cleaner from This is the best way to effectively clean and absorb the dirt. Having a clean floor steam cleaned gives you the drive to keep the entire house neat and clean.


We always tend to remove our clothes at the end of the day and throw it all around which makes the place look terrible. Dirty and used clothes need to be kept in a place from where you can collect the clothes and do your laundry.

After doing your laundry, make sure to dry the clothes properly because if you fold up wet clothes, they start to give out a weird smell. After the clothes dry properly, try to iron if possible and fold them neatly and keep them in your cupboards or closets.

Cleaning Dishes:

The used dishes should be washed then and there as it might create a bad odor. Also, keep your kitchen clean, or it might attract rodents into your kitchen.


One great discipline which we need to learn is to replace thing which we use back to where it belongs. We often end up searching for things like keys, glasses, TV remote, etc. If we have the habit to replace things, then this problem would not occur.