How to choose best window ac unit

How to choose best window ac unit

Today, air conditioners have become a part of our everyday lives. The world of electronics has a plethora of brands offering some of the best window AC units. With so many options available, it is very important how we choose the right kind of air conditioners for our home.

According to All great appliances it is very important to consider important facts while choosing the best window AC unit so that model will fit your need.

Purpose and the area of cooling

First and foremost deciding factor while buying an AC is where the unit would be fitted, is it a home, an office or other large space and the area that is to be cooled. Floor size of the room should be considered while buying an air conditioner. Understand the cooling capacity of the AC and then choose an AC that is best suited for your room size. For instance, a room measuring 120-150 sq. ft. will need a 1 ton AC while a bigger space will require an AC with higher cooling capacity. If it’s the best window AC, it’s cooling capacity will also be good.

Energy EfficiencyWithout a doubt, we all know that an energy-efficient air conditioner is the most desirable, especially in today’s day and age where electricity bills are on a constant rise. Almost all air conditioners come with star ratings that denote the machine’s energy efficiency. This is called EER. Check the EER rating of the air conditioner you are planning to buy. Best window AC units will come with more stars, meaning the AC will consume lesser electricity as compared to an ACwith lower star rating.

Quality of airWhen deciding on the best window AC unit for your home, check the air filtering capacity of the AC. A good AC will have a good air filter that will ensure clean air quality, better air flow and cool efficiently by preventing parts getting choked with dust.

Installation, maintenance and cleaningNext is to understand the installation requirement of the window AC unit you are buying. An AC unit which is the best window AC unit will be easy to install, easy to clean and low on maintenance. Having said that, once an AC unit is installed, it is vital to ensure regular servicing for efficient cooling of the room. Also, the AC unit should always be serviced or repaired by an authorized service centre and damaged parts should only be replaced with original parts. Servicing your AC quarterly should keep it running smoothly.

Some of the other things to consider while choosing the best window AC unit are:

  • Cooling speed
  • Energy saving features and settings
  • Dehumidifier function
  • Easy to read digital display of temperature
  • Good after sales service